Gray Collective

Designers & Makers of Fine Products

Gray Collective

Designers & Makers of Fine Products

Good design is finding simplicity in complex areas.

Our products promise to be the very best that we can make, so that the simple pleasures of good design can be enjoyed.


We are designers and we are makers. Our holistic approach to the design and production of our products ensures that you get the very best products that we can make.

As qualified industrial designers we are fully conversant with contemporary design practices and we leverage this insight against artisan practices of old to reinforce the quality of our products.


Informed Design

We have a broad range of design experience relevant to many different industry sectors, particularly product design, material application and design for living space and human factors. We draw on this experience to inform our design as we strive to create beautiful furniture and products.


We are true subscribers to the practice of sustainable design. We actively support timber suppliers who advocate for the same. Responsible forestry ensures the longevity and protection of our planets ecosystem. Similarly, our industry is assured of the same positive future.

Design Ethos

Less is more. We believe in creating pieces that present with a clean design that is respectful of purpose and material. The absence of unnecessary adornment leaves only that which needs to be present.


Perth, Australia
(+61) 423 657 523